Born out of passion

About Happy Garden

Our brand HAPPY GARDEN is a part of Aswini Agrotech, a firm located in the town of Maddur in Karnataka. We are a 26 years old company, manufacturing products for professional plant growers like nurseries, farmers, seed companies as well as hobby / home gardeners. Know more on

Happy Garden is a trademarked brand exclusively dedicated to home gardening segment and covers a wide range of innovative products.

Innovation in every step

With Happy Garden products we wish to make it simple for everyone to grow something at home, be in an indoor plant, a kitchen garden or a fully fledged garden with multiple plant collections.

Smart self watering systems that reduce water & nutrient wastage, plant-specific mixes to grow fussy plants, fertilizers that are safe, effective and easy to use and planters that are designed for better root growth – these are just some of the innovative ways on how Happy Garden products work. With the help of researchers, professional plant growers & experienced manufacturing team our products are designed specifically for plants to grow & thrive at the same time making it easy for the gardener.

Sustainability on the front line

Happy Garden product basket include different varieties of plant specific potting mixes, seed sheets, plant food, ready grow kits, unique & eye-catching planters and plant stands & shelves. Each of these products are designed in such a way that we use only locally available raw- materials (no imports & heavy carbon emissions associated with it) the manufacturing process is energy efficient and any waste generated in the process in re-used or recycled.

Most of our products are packed in carton boxes with least usage of plastic and the products we are still packing in plastic constantly under review to re-design / re-develop to make it more eco-friendly.

Ethical Business Practices

Aswini Agrotech is a business enterprise set up and managed by a team of professionals. We are registered with relevant government agencies, and strictly follow all legal regulations like labour laws, factories act, pollution control norms etc. Right from the labour to management, our team works dedicatedly to ensure the products are manufactured by ethical business practices.

- Chitra