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Chilli & peppers growing tips and tricks ?️

Chiles are a must in Indian cooking and we use a wide variety of these viggies everyday from chilli powder to flakes to fresh ones. Here are some tips to grow chilies like a pro gardner. 
?? Seeds – Select the best quality & fresh seeds from reliable sources / save seeds yourself from dry chilies (this works only for non-hybrid varieties) 
?? Seedlings – Start seeds & raise seedlings in small containers like seedling trays / small cups. This gives seedlings a healthy start. Good quality enriched cocopeat works well for raising seedlings. 
??Transplant – Once roots have formed well in the seedling trays, transplant to a bigger pot / grow bag / ground. Transplant between 1.5 to 2 months from date of sowing is ideal. Chili plants like moist yet well draining potting mix. All the plants in above images are grown in Happy Garden Ready Garden Mix – Blend of cocopeat, cocohusk chips, vermicompost and nutrients.
?? Fertilizer – Chiles are heavy feeders so fertilizer them well. Kitchen waste compost, vermicompost, cow manure are all good to use, once a month. A dose of Epsom salt  and calcium during flowering and fruiting is essential (Egg shells/sour buttermilk/ lime are good sources of calcium) Micronutrient / seed weed / humic acid spray once in a month ensures robust plant health.
?? Pests – Prone to aphids & melay bugs. Use natural pest repellents like baking soda solution, neem oil, soap etc. If there is too much infestation, cut off the branch.
?? Prune – Snip off the first couple of buds on the plants. Let the plant grow initially to atleast 1 1/2 feet before bearing fruits. Regular pruning (tips only) ensures branching out of the plant, this leads to more flowers & fruits.
?? If taken good care chili plants last long and provide us with enough chiles, that we don’t have to buy them from outside ?Happy Growing ??????