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Epiplyllum oxypetalum – Multi bloom variety care

Ephiplyllum oxypetallum commonly known as brahmakamala is not actually related to the original brahmakamla that blooms only in high altitude Himayalays! This plant is entirely different and is addressed as Orchid cactus.

Whatever the name, the beauty of ephipullum blooms is unmatched. The white delicate flowers are mildly fragrant & gracefully bloom at night and wither by morning. The multi-bloom variety as compared to traditional varieties is not very common but available easily off-late. Monsoon is the typical flowering season when one gets to witness blooms for multiple times, followed by rapid growth. Here are some care tips for the plant

Once plant parcel is received through an online order or purchased from the nursery, unpack & keep it under shade for 3-4 days and allow it to get adjusted to new conditions. After a week, repot the sapling to a bigger pot with good drainage (About 6 to 8 inches in size)

Plastic or terracotta preferred. Avoid metal, cement & resin planters • They can be grown in hanging pots too until they are too big • Repot to bigger pots proportionally as the plant grows

Plant in a well draining potting mix. Avoid tight & compact soil. Use material like cocopeat, cocohusk chips, perlite etc.

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Place the plant in a place where it receives about 4-5 hours of direct sun. Full sun will burn   the plants and complete shade will not allow it to grow.

Water only when the potting mix dries out

Fertilize in the growing and flowering phases. You may use organic or inorganic fertilizers.

If using compost, manure or such additives please keep in mind that this increases water holding capacity of the potting mix.• You may use Happy Garden Plant Nutrient Discs (Available on

Look out for pets like melay bugs regularly As and when the plant grows, provide support for it to trail on.