Cocohusk Chips – Mixed size 1Kg
– Happy Garden


  • Made from coconut husks
  • Washed and processed – Soaking not required
  • Ready to use
  • Mixed size chips (4mm to 12mm)
  • Can be used as media to grow plants / as an additive in custom potting mix to improve aeration & lighten the mix
  • Can be used as a bottom layer while potting to enhance drainage
  • Eco-friendly alternative to perlite & pine bark
  • Natural & sustainable material
  • Light weight & easy to use
  • Clean & odourless
  • Long usage life of upto 3 years


Cocohusk chips are uniformly cut and processed pieces of coconut husk that are extensively used as media for growing various plants in pots and plant beds and also as plant/tree mulch. The chips provide ample aeration and drainage, helping plants establish excellent roots. They also resist microbial growth and slumping/compacting thereby providing long usage life. Cocohusk chips can be a superior & eco-friendly alternative to tree bark in most cases. Happy Garden cocohusk chips are made by machine cutting of mature cocunut husks, followed by cleaning, sieving, washing, buffering and drying to required extent. Being a renewable material, cocohusk chips is sustainable, eco-friendly and a product with very low carbon footprint.

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Weight 1000 g
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