Cocopeat – 5 Kg Compressed Block (75 liters expansion)
– Happy Garden


  • Premium quality processed & screened cocopeat
  • Compressed 5Kg block, expands to 75liters on adding water
  • Soft, fluffy and light with powdery texture
  • Suitable for blending with soil, seed germination, landscaping & tree planting
  • Saves upto 50% water as compared to soil
  • Excellent soil conditioner, improves texture & moisture retention
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Makes soil rich with organic matter & beneficial microbes
  • Standard packing – 5Kg compressed block


Made of coconut husks cocopeat is a soft , light and fluffy material. Well processed cocopeat like Happy Garden Cocopeat properly it makes excellent medium to grow plants. The most important property of cocopeat is its water holding capacity. Cocopeat can hold as much water as 5 times its own weight, making it an integral part of potting mixes. Besides its amazing water holding capacity cocopeat allows very easy root penetration leading to rapid root growth. Other benefits of cocopeat include its nutrient holding capacity, free of pests, its light weight & easy to use to list a few.

Manufactured in the coconut cultivation belt of India, Happy Garden cocopeat is sustainable, eco-friendly and locally made making it a product with low carbon footprint.

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Weight 5000 g
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