Coir Fiber – 500g
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  • Natural coir fiber from coconut husks
  • Cleaned, washed & dried
  • Eco-friendly & renewable material
  • Safe & non-toxic


  • Uses in garden –
  1. To mount orchids, air plants & ferns
  2. To grow microgreens
  3. In kokedama & terrarium making
  4. Use as mulch to prevent weed growth & to keep soil moist
  5. Use as bottom layer in pots to cover large drainage holes & improve water flow
  • Other uses
  1. To scrub & clean tough stains
  2. Natural nesting material for birds
  3. Art & craft projects
  4. Eco-friendly packing mterial


Coir is a versatile natural fibre extracted from husk of the coconut fruit. Also called  ‘The Golden Fibre’, the fibers are naturally strong & resistant to natural elements like sun, rain, salt water etc.

They are quite useful many different fields floor from manufacturing of floor mats, ropes to mattress to furniture.

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Weight 1000 g


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– Happy Garden

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