Compost Browns – 1Kg (10 liters)
– Happy Garden


  • Compost Browns – Made of organic cocopeat powder
  • Suitable to use as ‘brown part’ to layer with ‘green waste’ while composting kitchen waste
  • 1 Kg packet = Approx. 10 liters volume
  • Completely dry material ; to absorbs excess moisture
  • Easy to spread & mix
  • Avoids foul odour while decomposing
  • Prevents grubs & other insects
  • 100 % organic
  • Made from natural & sustainable material
  • Usage Instructions :
    • Cover the top layer of green waste with Compost Browns each time to prevent flies & other insects
    • Add as & when required to reduce moisture content in the compost bins
    • Use with Happy Garden Compost Speed Up powder for easy & quick composting


Composting wet waste at home is one of the most significant actions one can take to beat pollution and climate change. When wet waste is mixed with other forms of waste and discarded, it becomes toxic and unusable, creating a huge burden on city dump yards that are already full. Wet waste from our kitchen like vegetable peels, fruit peels, coffee grounds, tea leaves, flowers, egg shells and even certain amount of cook food can be easily converted to rich organic fertilizer for plants at home.

Composting at home requires bins / containers with good aeration, brown waste and a microbial culture to kick start the process. At Happy Garden we provide complete composting kit with stackable terracotta compost bins , dry cocopeat as browns and efficient microbial culture powder for safe and odour free home composting!

Growing fresh & organic vegetables, herbs & fruits at home is just one step away from home composting.

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