Cryptanthus Neon Pink / Earth Star


  • Brightly coloured foliage plants of bromelaid family
  • Add among other greens to give a zest of colour
  • Easy to care, low maintenance plant
  • Does well in partial to bright sunlight
  • Low water requirement
  • Size of the plant sold – 4 inches wide
  • Plant will be potted in Happy Garden Ready Garden Mix – Soilless mix for garden plants
  • Plant will be shipped bare root or in standard plastic nursery pots black/brown
  • Kindly note – As plants are living entities, they may vary as compared to the image shown, but we ensure delivery of healthy plants


Looking to break monotonous green in the foliage section? Add a cryptanthus and it gives the dash of colour. With dry long leaves varying from noon pink to brown, this star shaped bromelaid brightens up the given space.  They  are aptly named living stars / earth stars.


Additional information

Weight 500 g


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