Greens Seed Sheets – 5 varieties of everyday greens
– Happy Garden


  • Made of natural cellulose & cocopeat
  • Seeds embedded
  • High quality organic native (desi) seeds
  • 5 sheets , one each of – Coriander, Palak, Methi, Amarathus & Dill
  • Multi-harvest varieties
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Using seed sheets ensures uniform sowing density & depth, good plant growth & easy handling. It also prevents pests carrying off seeds before germination
  • Usage
    • Just place a seed sheet on potting mix
    • Wet it fully
    • Cover it with a thin layer of potting mix & keep it moist
    • Watch them sprout & grow
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Growing greens is easy and with Happy Garden seed sheets its easier! With just a simple 3-step process grow healthy, pesticide free clean greens at home. Made with waster soluble natural cellulose, the sheets hold seeds in place and provides a good keeping life for the seeds. Greens grown from these sheets are uniform and robust. Easy to maintain & harvest. The sheets are 100% biodegarable!

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Weight 100 g
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