Kumquat (Mini orange)- Grafted


  • Grafted kumquat / mini orange tree
  • Whole orange including zest / peel  can be used
  • Pot growing variety
  • Flowering  stage mature plant
  • Height of plant shipped – approximately 1 feet or higher
  • Plant will be shipped bare root or in standard nursery pot.
  • Healthy pest free plants
  • Shipped with safe packing
  • Kindly note : As plants are living entities, each individual varies in appearance and size. Images used are for representation only.
  • Please check growing & care tips below


Kumquat Care Tips

  • Once the plant is received, hydrate it and place in shade for a day.
  • Repot  in a 12 to 14” container with drainage holes. Please take care to place the grafted part at least 2” inch above the potting media. Leave in shade for a couple of days before shifting to full sun.
  • Plant in a nutritious potting mix. You can use Happy Garden General Purpose Mix (https://www.happygarden.in/product/ready-garden-mix-general-purpose-soil-less-potting-mix-compressed-block/)
  • Watering – As & when the potting mix dries out
  • Sunlight – Place in open space with direct sunlight
  • Fertilizer – Fertilize the plants regularly for better growth & fruiting. You can use Happy Garden Nutrient Discs (https://www.happygarden.in/product/plant-nutrient-discs-flowering-fruiting-special-box-of-50-pieces-happy-garden/)
  • Prune the plants yearly once for better branching  & fruiting
  • Pest control as and when required

Additional information

Weight 3000 g


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