Potting Mix – Aroid & Anthurium Special
– Happy Garden


  • Blend of cocopeat, mixed size coochusk chips & anthurium specific nutrients
  • Suitable for Anthurium, Bromelaids, Peace lily & all types of Aroids
  • Ready-to-use. No need to blend any soil / stones / compost / perlite etc.
  • Directly fill in containers and plant the saplings
  • Least transplantation shock
  • Sanitized material. Free of diseases & germs
  • Provides excellent drainage. No water logging
  • Prevents root rot & fungal infections
  • High aeration in root zones
  • Rapid root development & growth
  • Available in 2Kg & 4Kg compressed blocks
  • 2Kg block on adding water expands to about 20 liters of ready to use cocohusk chips and 4Kg block to 40 liters of cocohusk chips. Usage instructions available inside box.
  • Plastic free packaging in carton boxes
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Happy Garden Anthurium & Aroid special potting mix is made of cocopeat & cocohusk chips and provides the perfect balance between air & water holding capacity. The mix very easily & quickly drains out excess water and prevents fungal infections & root rots. It provides very good aeration in the root zones leading to healthy root development. With specific nutrients mixed along with this media the plants establish quickly and there is noticeable growth within days of transplanting.

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