Ready Garden Mix – General Purpose Soil-less Potting mix (Compressed Block)



Soil-less potting mix for garden plants made of processed cocopeat, cocohusk chips, vermicompost, coir microfiber & essential plant nutrients

  • Ready with necessary nutrients & properties. No need to mix soil/ sand /stones etc
  • Suitable for vegetables, fruits, indoor plants, foliage plants & most flowering plants
  • Perfect balance between water & air holding
  • Rapid root development & robust plant growth
  • Saves water
  • Free of diseases & germs
  • Light weight & easy to handle
  • Clean & odourless
  • Natural & sustainable material
  • No frequent re-potting required. Can be reused
  • Available in 2Kg & 4Kg compressed blocks
  • 2Kg block on adding water expands to about 20 liters of ready to use cocohusk chips and 4Kg block to 40 liters of cocohusk chips. Usage instructions available inside box.
  • Plastic free packaging in carton boxes
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Soil-less growing of plants has several advantages over conventional growing. While there are many substrates that can be used to grow plants in place of soil, we at Happy Garden make our substrates from coconut husks. Coconut husks are the outer protective fibrous part inside which coconuts develop & grow. Located in the coconut cultivation belt, we are effectively converting this agricultural by-produce to useful products such as cocopeat , cocohusk chips & coir microfiber to grow plants. The benefits of this potting mix are many. Made to suit Indian weather conditions, it is capable of holding good amount of nutrients & moisture (about 3 times its own weight !) and yet provides good air flow which enables the plant roots to breathe well. The potting mix is extremely light weight making it easy to use & also reduce the weight on buildings while terrace gardening. Being a renewable material, our potting mix is sustainable, eco-friendly and a product with very low carbon footprint. Its a potting mix that’s good for the plant, good for the grower & good for the planet!

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